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Let's share stories about borders in our lifes and reduce
the borders in our minds.

About us


Border Tales is intended to be a platform for sharing stories about borders of any kind. People who want to tell their various stories of individual experiences or share their thoughts about borders are invited to use this platform. There is no limitation on the content as the word “borders” can mean different things to different people. Therefore feel free to contribute your own thoughts or stories!

Borders define our daily life wherever we go, whatever we do. They can appear in

any kind of shape and influence our movements,

our decisions and our freedom on different levels.

To create a foundation for diverse and interesting discussion it is important to have a variety of contributions. In that way it is possible to reach a lot of people, even those who might think they are not interested in the topic. But since borders affect every one of us, it would be rewarding to have a broad scope of different people. That is why you can also find us on facebook and Instagram. If you feel like sharing your story in a different format than text that is great! You can find guidance on that below.

sharing stories
from everyone to everyone

We are a group of students and trainees from Germany. After we finished high school, all of us did a voluntary service in Ghana. There we got to know each from. During our voluntary services, all of us experienced what kind of privilege it is, to have a German passport. Some of us have friends who cannot visit Germany like we had the chance to visit their country.

Simply, because the german embassy was denying their visa. This problem was new for us, since we were always free to move across the German borders as we are EU citizens. Even outside of Europe, in Africa and South Asia, there were no obstacles that stopped us from travelling.


This imbalance lead us to think a lot about borders and their meaning for social injustice on a global level. After we came back to Germany we experienced that many people here do not know about this problem. Telling the stories of our friends made people aware of this issue and brought up interesting discussions. Not being confronted with the issue of national borders within the EU is a great achievement, but it also means that we are not forced to think about this issue.


That is why we came up with the idea to build this platform as a space for exchange about borders and their consequences. We don’t want to share only our thoughts or stories that we heard from other people, since that would be very one-sided and subjective. But we would like everyone to feel entitled to share whatever borders they are experiencing. So that we can have an equal exchange and fruitful discussions.


Thanks for visiting and let’s share some border tales!

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