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Music for open borders

The German singer DOTA wrote a song about borders and their consequences. She sings about the inequalities and conflicts that borders are causing and she demands a new passport for everyone. A passport for “habitants of Earth” or “global citizens”. With a passport like this there would be no more legal imbalances between people from different countries and everyone would have the same privileges of international mobility.

This song was a great inspiration for us. The idea of a global passport is not a new one but in the context of “refugee crises” and increasing social disparities it is now more relevant than ever before. We want to share DOTA’s song to share idea of equal citizenship. What do you think about a passport that says “habitant of the Earth”? Would you like to have one? Do you think that could solve any problems or conflicts? Please feel free to share your opinion about this!

And now enjoy DOTA’s song “Grenzen” (borders). It is in German but there are English subtitles.

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